Viva La Jessica


While we hope, wish, pray and believe that Jessica will recover, the road to recovery is long, and of course, filled with many expenses.  Below is a list of things that are required, would be convenient and we would like to have as Jessica recovers.


Jessica is currently unable to talk or talk.   We spent 7 weeks in in-patient rehab from October 27 to December 15, 2010 and by the time we were discharged, Jessica had progressed to a soft food/puree food diet. In in-patient rehab, Jessica made great strides and gained a lot of strength, though we still have some way to go. We are now in out-patient rehab and Jessica's strength grows in each session. She has begun communicating using an AAC app on an iPad, as well as some sign language. nbsp; Our equipment needs are decreasing, yet there continue to be some items and services that we would like to have in order to maximize Jessica's therapy and increase her chances at recovery.


We have changed our insurance, so more things are covered than with our old insurance; however, there are still some services that will not be picked up by insurance.


We also know that a major out of pocket expense will be Jessica’s ongoing therapies (physical, occupational and speech).  We have been told that regardless of what insurance people carry, the therapy component will run dry.


Items required for Jessica’s Care:

Wheelchair: Jessica's wheelchair need has already changed. Her current wheelchair does not have the large wheels in the back so that Jessica can propel herself, as up to now, she has lacked the strength and coordination to do so. She is now ready to begin using a chair that she can control. We are unsure if our insurance will cover a new chair, as we just received our chair in October. We are looking into renting or borrowing a standard wheelchair from a loan closet.


Walker: Likewise, Jessica's strenght is improving to the point where she is beginning to practice walking with a walker that has "platform arms". (An place for her to rest her arms and hold a handle, rather than holding the sides of the walker.)  We are looking into renting or borrowing a walker with platform arms from a loan closet.


Incontinence Products:  To include Depends type products, wipes, etc.  This is not covered by insurance at all.  Complete out of pocket expense.  We currently have a two month supply of personal care items. (We hope to not need any further supplies, as Jessica is regaining bladder sensation.)  


Suction Machine:  Jessica is currently relearning how to manage her secretions, but it is still occasionally necessary to assist her with this, especially when we are performing her oral care. We currently have a loaner.


AAC Device: She is currently using an AAC app on an iPad and we will supposedly be entering a trial for a different device. Though, it is not covered by insurance and our Speech Therapist is currently working out the rental rate, for the trial period, with the company. Should we choose to go with an AAC device, in addition to the iPad, it will be an out of pocket expense.



In order to maximize Jessica’s chances to recover completely, she requires Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy.  She is receiving all three of these disciplines from UC Davis; but we are exploring other body work therapies, as well, such as Myofascial release. The only therapy covered under our insurance are the Physical, Occupational and Speech therapies. Any other assistive therapy we choose to seek for Jessica will be a complete out of pocket expense.  




There are literally hundreds of items available to increase the effectiveness of therapy for Jessica.  There are different items to be used during each of her therapies (physical, occupational and speech), which will help with strength, communication and cognition.  While we obviously will not be purchasing every single one, we believe in Jessica’s ability to recover and therefore, will be attempting to purchase those items which we feel will enhance her therapy experience and will help bring her back to us much faster.  Understandably, the expenses for these items can vary.



Wheelchair Ramps at all entrances:  This service has been donated and completed.


Recessed Hinges on bathroom and bedroom doors to allow wheelchair access. This service has been donated and completed. 

Bathroom remodel: Though we have had the recessed hinges installed on the bathroom door, Jessica is still unable to access the sink in her bathroom headon, while sitting in the wheelchair. As such, we will be replacing the sink/cabinet combo that is currently in her bathroom with a corner sink that does not have a cabinet under it. This will require repair of the floor and the wall, where the current sink and cabinet will be removed.We are in the process of obtaining a quote for this service.


Future Home Improvements, not yet known:  As Jessica continues to recover, we may need things like railing in the hall, bath railings, and other accessibility modifications for her.



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